Signs of Problems with Your Heating System

Signs of Problems with Your Heating System

Like any component of your home, the heating system needs regular maintenance to keep it working properly. By calling an HVAC contractor to service the HVAC system in the fall, you can minimize the risk of it failing during the winter when heat is needed most. But sometimes, even a well-maintained heating system needs an occasional repair. Keep an eye out for the following signs of HVAC trouble.

Sudden Spike in Utility Bills

Unless your area has had a brutal cold snap, a sudden spike in your heating costs could spell trouble. When heating costs go up despite a lack of major changes in the outdoor temperatures, it likely means that your heating system is struggling to operate properly. If you let this problem go unchecked, you might need a more costly repair later on.

Constant Running

If your heating system is constantly kicking on, also known as short-cycling, this may be a warning sign. Short-cycling can sometimes be caused by an overheating heat exchanger, which causes the system to shut off prematurely and then kick back on again. An HVAC technician may need to replace the heat exchanger.

Abnormal Noises

All heating systems make noises. Most homeowners grow accustomed to the typical noises of their HVAC systems, and so it’s easy for them to determine when something doesn’t sound quite right. An abnormal noise is definitely a warning sign that it’s time to call the HVAC contractor. If the blower is faulty, it could cause a screeching sound. Unusual banging or grinding sounds are also cause for concern.

Frigid House

Do you find yourself turning up the thermostat several times per day because you’re freezing indoors? If your family is still chilly despite the heating system kicking on, this could indicate that the furnace needs a repair. In some cases, it may need replacement altogether.

If you’ve been experiencing problems with your heating system, you need a contractor you can count on to get the job done right the first time. Call Airrow Heating at (541) 265-8000. They’ve been serving residential and commercial clients in the Newport, OR area for years.

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