Passive Solar Heating - A New Way To Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Everyone is interested in saving money on their heating bills, and the proper utilization of passive solar space heating is one way to achieve this goal. First, you may be asking yourself, what is passive solar space heating?

What It Is

Passive solar space heating is a system of construction that best optimizes the natural heat received from the sun to keep heating bills down. It employs the use of certain materials that will naturally collect heat when it is warm and that will redistribute this warmth when it grows colder. In addition, built in to this system are the properties of repelling heat in the summer months to keep your environment cool. You will want to construct your home with its south side facing the sun without obstructions, making sure to avoid the use of overly large unshaded windows. If your house has already been constructed, you will want to seek the assistance of an energy auditor who can help you in making your home as energy efficient as possible.

How It Works

Thermal mass is an important concept that denotes the ability of a material to retain heat, and high density materials like concrete, brick, and tile tend to exhibit the properties of high thermal mass. It is crucial to also understand the concepts of conduction, convection, and radiation, all of which are methods of heat distribution. Conduction happens when a warmer object comes into contact with something cooler, and convection is the process of passing heat through the air or water. Radiation is the effect you get of standing next to a heater, and there are various ways you can use these three principles to keep your house warm.

Window placement is very important as well. You will want windows be facing true south within a tolerance of thirty degrees. In addition, these should be unshaded during the cooler months and shaded during the summer. Other features, such as insulation, sun spaces, awnings, sheetrock, and trellises can play a part in the design of your house. In addition, Trombe walls and water containers can be used to collect heat for redistribution.

How It Can Help Save You Money

Though the process can take some time to complete, when taken together, all of these provisions can help you save as much as 60% on your winter heating bills. That is a huge savings on your home, especially if you have a larger style house to worry about maintaining.

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