Is Your AC Ready for Summer?

The worst time to find out that your air conditioner%20265-8000) needs repairs is in the middle of summer, when you rely on it most. You can reduce the chances that your AC will give up on you right when you need it by preparing it for the demands of summer before the high temperatures strike. Follow this advice to get your AC ready for the cooling season.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance

For both heating and air conditioning, seasonal maintenance%20265-8000) is one of the best investments you can make. During seasonal maintenance, a tech will look for any signs of problems with your HVAC unit and perform any necessary repairs to prevent the issues from becoming worse. Not only can seasonal maintenance help you avoid unexpected AC malfunctions, but it can also save you money by pinpointing minor issues before they become major ones that need more costly repairs. Seasonal maintenance will also ensure that your AC is functioning as efficiently as possible, helping to keep your energy costs low.

Inspect the Coolant Lines

Coolant lines are usually covered in foam to prevent energy loss. However, the natural elements can cause the foam covers to become degraded over time. If you see any signs of cracked, frayed, or missing foam, recover the lines with foam sleeves held in place by foam insulation tape.

Clear Dirt and Debris

The area around your AC unit and the unit itself should be free of dirt and debris. Caked-on mud, leaves, branches, and plant growth can all interfere with the way your system functions and make it less efficient. Keep your unit and the surrounding area clean to avoid poor performance and costly damage.

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