How Ductless Heating Can Save You Money

A common question people have regarding ductless heating is whether or not it can save you money. The answer is that it can, and we will go over some of the reasons why in this article.

Separate Settings

Using a ductless heating pump for each room will enable you to set your thermostat to a specific temperature for each area. This means that you will no longer waste money and power heating spaces you're not using and that you will no longer need to keep your entire home at a uniform level of warmth. Your wall units will perform independently, and this will also eliminate those pesky hot and cold spots that most houses have.

Cooling and Heating in Same System

The heating and cooling system is comprised of two units, one that is mounted on an interior wall and one that resides outside and that houses the condenser. Instead of using ducts, the heating is transferred via a conduit, and it can operate more efficiently as a result. Traditional heating systems can lose valuable heat via their ducts, and they create heat in a manner that is not as effective as the split-ductless system. The ductless unit cools air using evaporated refrigerant that is condensed outside to release heat in the summer. This process is simply reversed in the winter months, as the evaporated refrigerant is condensed inside, and heat is released as a result. No new heat is created, and no heater coils are necessary.

Finding Rebates

Homeowners that cover their HVAC needs with the split-ductless system will find that it costs less to operate than other heating systems. In addition, you can check to see what rebates & incentives are available in your state to help offset the cost of the initial purchase. When you buy, you can purchase a unit that will be precisely the size you will need for each location, and you can buy multiple units for a room that is particularly large.

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