FAQs and Answers About Air Handlers

FAQs and Answers About Air Handlers

An air handler is the inside portion of an HVAC system. It helps to circulate air through your home and is used for both heating and cooling. Air handlers are important parts of your HVAC system, but they cannot heat or cool your home on their own. Many homeowners don’t know what air handlers are or even that they have one until something goes wrong with the system, leaving them with a lot of questions. What do you need to know about air handlers? Here are the answers to some of the questions that homeowners have most often.

How are air handlers different from air conditioners?

Air handlers contain the equipment that force air through your home. They also contain an inner coil that is used to heat or cool air, depending on what system you are running. For your air conditioner to work, it requires both an air handler and an external component. The hot air is removed from your home and then pulled back into your home, where it is run over a coolant coil and released back into your home. An air handler is part of an air conditioner, but it doesn’t replace it, which is a source of confusion for some homeowners.

Who needs an air handler?

Anyone who has a split-system air conditioner or heat pump needs an air handler. Note that this set-up is generally ideal for a place with hot summer temperatures that doesn’t experience many below freezing days in winter. If you live in a climate with very cold winters, then you may need additional heating options, such as gas furnace. Air handlers look similar to furnaces, but they are not typically used together.

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